Hey! We are 7th graders from Olson Middle School. We read the book Children of the River by Linda Crew. On this site, you will see our Discussion questions, Vocabulary words,Character web, Plot outline of the book,The author's background, Connections we can make to the book, and links. The Khmer Rouge comes and invades Cambodia so Sundara is forced to leave the country with her family, including Younger aunt, Older aunt, and more! They have to get on a boat that is going to America. People are very very sick on the boat, and some die throughout the way. Once they get to America, they have to figure out how to live by the American culture and customs, but they don't want to. They will not change their Cambodian lifestyle. Two of the main characters Sundara and Johnathan like each other, but can't date because of their culture and beliefs. This book has lots of adventure and events. Read to find out what happens between Sundara and Johnathan!

Genna, Brooke, Morgan, and Sadie

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